Break winds with tensions unspoken of

Bleed silence with uncertain hearts and souls

The heavy sorrow we carry with us, knowing that tomorrow isn’t promised

Seeing our brothers and sisters suffer as they wipe us away like settled dust

Holding onto our black sons having to reassure by telling them, “It will be okay, just pray”.

Slightly in disbelief of our own words

Hearing insensitive phrases like “all lives matter” meanwhile our brothers are being shot in broad daylight during a traffic stop

Don’t tell me all lives matter if you cannot fathom my plight

Don’t tell me how I should feel knowing that if my son walks home at night he can be stopped and killed simply because he is not white

We are no longer silent

We are no longer passive, you see

Our heart to prevail and overcome will surpass your white supremacy

We are Black

We breathe excellence

We are Black

We are proud

We matter

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