Bright Light

She walks. She talks. She yells. She screams
There is no way to save her, the one they all love oh, so dearly
Lights. She sees lights. The lights are so bright
She sees something hit her, it throws her back
It roars so loud it hurts her eardrums

A slit of bright light is all she sees
Her head is pounding
People are yelling
It’s so loud
She tries to move
Someone rushes towards her

More bright lights
She opens her eyes
Doctors everywhere
So many tubes are hooked up to her
She tries to speak
Her throat hurts. Her head hurts. Her stomach hurts.
“ she might not make it”
She feels bile rise in her throat

Screaming is all she can hear
She can’t open her eyes
She feels like she is dreaming
“She’s in a coma ma’am, I am so sorry”
She feels as if she is suppose to feel sick right now
She can’t feel anything
but tiredness

She sees a bright light
She hears screaming. She hears yelling. She hears the tears drop to the hard tile floor
She hears her mother
She wants to tell her that she is okay, but that is not the case
She feels like she is slowly fading away
The light is getting stronger and brighter
She sees her little brother
She sees her little sister
They’re gone now
She’s gone now
She has become one with the bright light

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