Bright Little Fireflies

Bright little fireflies scattered like the stars,
shine their best through the blackness like Venus, Jupiter and Mars.
These little lightning bugs are nothing less than their name.
They may just be bugs,
but their magic will not leave you unchanged.
The sun is setting, dusk is here.
With specks of light start to show, the fireflies are here.
On this particular night come three curious kids,
armed with mason jars holes punched carefully in the lid.
One, two, three little fireflies each gently held in two hands,
finds a nice home in a small glass can.
Three kids peer through the glass,
eyes wide with awe and wonder,
pray to see the magic bugs,
before their spell is split asunder.
One by one,
these little lightning bugs shine for the imploring eyes,
reflecting off the childish faces and transfixed sighs.
All too soon the time has come to depart with our new friends,
but before they leave, we whisper to them "we'll see you soon again."
Bright little fireflies with their light in our eyes,
say their goodbyes and return to their home in the night sky.

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