Bright Shining Star

Often times my heart doth ache longing another soul
For which to confide one who hears me one who cares
One who loves me listens with genuine heart genuine ears
Carries the light of giving of self without effort with total ease
Comes naturally you didn't need to try to be a good woman
To truly care for a hurting soul
You just were the perfect embodiment of God's loving handmade vessel
So special so specific
He made you the perfect gift to all the hearts and lives you touched
Compassion in your eyes of light sweetness in your soul
So hard it will be not to see you here
To touch you not with physical near
No woman on earth could measure the beauty
I found in the love you gave
Unfading love without condition
Joy found every time I see your face
Amazing how you lit up upon anyone's arrival
Childlike excitement emitted from your voice
Such big bright eyes contagious smile happy heart lifted every dull
Every defense, every depression
So amazing the astounding love which carries no judgment
The love you gave your path of sincerity was paved
God bless you always beautiful bright shining star
My mother

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