Bright Side of the Road

I need to find myself a place
To rest these rum soaked bones
With no squawking television
With no ringing telephones
Where bad news can’t find me
To drop its heavy load
Where the grass is a little greener
On the bright side of the road

Where there ain't no, mean spirit women
Wanting to shatter my battered heart
Or some other long legged demons
Conspiring out in the dark
Where I'm not pulled against the current
In life’s great big commode
Where I can get a breath of fresh air
On the bright side of the road

Out where that mean wind ain't howling
There are no matters of trust
That black dog won’t be barking
And the wheels won’t fall to rust
Someplace where even all the outlaws
They abide by the code
Fighting for truth and beauty
On the bright side of the road

Lullabies and dirty lies
And great big heaps of shame
Standing poor outside your door
In the cold driving rain
When’s my time, in the sweet sunshine
With the wine and the rose
Making love in three four time
On the bright side of the road

Town is getting too rough for me
Everybody wants to knock you down
Fighting the blues and insanity
And the destinations, for which I’m bound
It’s like hopscotch through a minefield
Any second this thing’s gonna explode
Gotta find some shade, and get it made
On the bright side of the road

Vultures circling above my head
They are staking out my place
The constables put out a APB
They are hanging posters of my face
Foreword all my junk mail baby
Out to my brand new abode
That little ol’ shack, way out back
On the bright side of the road

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