Bright Smile, Broken Heart

Bright smile, broken heart You had my love from the start.
Curly hair, baby face,Let me hold you by your waist.
Call me yours if you want, hold my hand I won't front
Kiss my lips if you dare, we will just be standing there.
Look into my eyes, your future am I there?
The army is your life, photography is mine
Let me take a picture of you while I have the time.
That lovely smile and adorable laugh
Wish I can look at it for a while.
Your soft baby hands,
So baby look. Look into my eyes,
Your future do you see me now?
A morning's brightest smile, shinning like the sun
Welcoming you, your day has come,Breakfast day, your job is done
Smiling hard, you thought was fun.Remember baby girl, wake up.
It was just a dream More than you've ever done.
Think twice, not once Baby girl please don't front.
Your ring finger is hidden under the rock,
Given to you special by someone else
Your smile has disappeared, in the brightness of the shining sun.
In a castle you're the queen of this kingdom
Think again I'm a knight trying to save you.
I'm trying to tell a story
about you and me Like the times you were the only thing I could see.
Like the times you actually thought I would lie
Mainly that dying can be a little scary.

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