Brightest of Them All

I am Melissa, meek yet mighty
Sailor of seas, performer of song
I am the devoted daughter of a hardworking handy man
My sister and I walk hand in hand, never knowing yet never let going
She is as tough as nails, and as sweet as sugar
I have battled seventeen years of turmoil and triumph
I have spent my years wandering the wild winding path,
In search of my purpose
I carry only the wisdom of my father and grace of my mother
Yet the day is coming near where the path splits in two
Shall I go right, shall I go left?
I do not fear nightfall like most
When I lay my eyes upon the heavens,
I see but one small shooting star
At first her fragile frail and feeble appearance deters most
I urge you to look not with your eyes, but listen with your heart
She shines the brightest light because she has seen the darkest night
Her glow has brought strength to my soul and peace to my mind
No one ever said this was going to be easy
There are days where I ponder if giving up will grant me ease
Nay, I was taught to be brave and so brave I shall be
My heart beats for two, my eyes see anew
We are one now, closer to the soul
A hero doesn't always hold a sword; sometimes they just hold your hand

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