Bring back the love

The truth shall set you free
Thought being true to what is me
I felt the love in who I am
Too much pride I couldn't see

I know blame
I know mistakes
But still I tried to love you better
From the outside looking in

Then I found where I belong
In someones heart
Where I keep you all
Every friend
All of my family
Your in mine my everything

I found what I was missing
Why I could never quite fit in
I was dead inside no feeling
Til a miracle awakened me

All that pain
All that hurt
Haunting me in everyday
Im so sorry for the wrongs
How I lost your trust in me

No need for explanations
I have no problems admitting
Was I really so damn awful
No more chance at love again

If the vision of how the world is
People are going through the same
Walking dead and I'm half alive
I'm an outsider once again

You don't know a way to help me
But I know a way to help you
If I did it you can do it
Have a miracle and starting new

My whole life I dealt with living
Fear of punishment of hell
Just because somebody stated
And made believers of us too

I found where I belong
In a heart that's filled with love
They say I'm attention seeking
No one saw they where my world

So what I learned about being hated
About judgement eyes on me
Is you have to disagree it
Live your life in honesty

This world is built on hatred
Filled with lies and selfish ways
If we are being judged now for it
It's because we bought the bait

No one says what is important
Always focus on the death
When Jesus came to save us
Taught us how to beat the tests

We are judges
We are mockers
We expect a perfect being
We are liars
We are takers
We all want a selfish dream

There are spirits manifesting
And nobody knows a thing
How to battle
Give protection
Yet we claim a spiritual faith

It's a puzzle to put together
Only love will show the way
Trust each other in experience
The books aren't saying the full story

I was sent down into darkness
I yelled Jesus and I was saved
No idea what others experience
I take a guess to fill the blanks

If I know love and how to do it
Then the creator loves even more
He will only give up on us
If we don't try to change a thing

Being perfect isn't either
Expected or fulfilling
It's being thankful, Understanding,
Loving every living thing

God is Love and we abandoned
Still he's patiently waiting
Once the love starts being awakened

We all know what is all wrong here
How this world is collapsing
Take a stand and be the winners
Allies not the enemies

Like when we fall and start from scratch
Rebuild ourselves a better way
Its the same way not the same things
That brought darkness everywhere

We can learn
We can teach
We can find our brighter day
We can show them what were made of
Have the favour back in place

Love takes time
Different habits
Take the practice
Do it again
Start thinking greater
Not just you
Not just me
That needs saving

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