Bring Me

Falling, I'm falling to something I don't even know reaching ,scratching
hold on don't let me go,
it's not me to save you
you were the one
to make me want
to keep my soul
That was thrown away
don't know when
don't know how
Your eyes I can only see as your looking,
looking Back at me
in a dream but this isn't a dream
this is real
death will break my fall
I'm falling
reaching screaming your name don't let me go I was blind only you can save me from this life
For my life to breathe again to live again
You see me don't you
only you can see me
Only you know me
save me from my life to begin to live again
to want again
to love my life again
Bring me back to life
To feel your heart beating
Only you can bring me to life
The one I lost.
when you went away
only you can save me
to make me want to keep my soul
Half of it is gone
Only you,
bring it back to me
Only you
Can make me whole again
As I'm falling
Falling, crying out your name

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