Bring On My Horizon

Bring on the horizon,
won't stop 'til I am done.
My friends, they are all gone.
My life there is not one,
because I've been abandoned.
So, don't try and stop me.
I don't know when you will leave,
but I promise that I'll hold my breath,
until you learn that causing your own death
is wrong!
There are many ways of dealing with this mire, but that is not one.
So! Bring on the horizon,
and don't stop when you think that you've won.
It is no lie that this world
was designed to make us cry.
It is no lie that this life is filled with
pain and strife.
So you must strive to be the best you can be while you're alive.
I will die asking, "Why, why, why
couldn't I have done more when I was alive?"
So, bring on the horizon.
Be strong, stay steady, be ready player one.
Go past your finish line, and fight against your passing time.
Carry on until you are done, and before you are gone,
die saying, "Bring it on...
I've seen my horizon!"

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