Bring Back That Spark Again

Remember when you were once young & the whole world was at your fingertips.
The many beautiful adoring candlelight dinners & colorful lights to celebrate.
Still many ask, how do you get alot of those old feelings back, or just to feel that special spark again?
Now that you're in love for the first time, or thinking about how to rekindle with an old flame.
Some people are eagerly waiting for someone to come into their life & maybe to just change every thing.
What, online dating is another way?
Or do you reminisce of that 1st moment in time you nervously saw them eye to eye & face to face.
That nervous feeling that you still get whenever you see your them come near.
The way your heart beats super fast making you even more nervous than then & the way your words blurred from what you said.
Or do you missed all the special moments both of you shared but not only just the sex.
Or could it be because they are so far away.
Or how many times a day the words "I Love You" was said.
Still you think about how you could ever get that spark again like it was back then.
Can it be in that 1st rememerable kiss or was it in the best 1st date.
Was it the first time that both of you held hands, or the 1st nervous moment of proposing.
Was it about the time around Valentine's Day? Or Christmas or that enjoyable summer getaway?
Remember, in life there are many endless possibilities, just to bring back that very special spark again.

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    This Poems Story

    This poem is about losing out or starting over & also searching how to get that special "Spark" back again. Oftentimes love in relationships just end or disappear like a burned out candlelight. But reviving that spark with life again together, it's truly something to see when it happens.