Bring the Sun

I am torn between two lives neither of which
I commit to fully, and the black ink in my blood
And the white pages on the screen burning my eyes
They do not mix.
So I stand stretched between these two beasts
As they tear at my limbs
Myself prostrating before the sky, before the sun
The heavy orb that lords over us all, not knowing
Not thinking, not feeling, not loving, not hating
But we love and we die and we cursed this earth and ourselves
So why do I care about where my life hangs,
It cannot even be measured against the revolutions
That determine the length of this conquest
That has already gone on for too long.
The proof only cements itself stronger with each year
And we only bury our faces and concern ourselves with our own lives.

On days like these when I think for too long and play with despair
I wish for the sun to lose its step
To stumble itself to our end
A fiery ash for this earth, where we would take it after all
Where once I would look to horizon for life
Now I see it for death
And bring the sun soon before my roots grow
Already they are catching and will not so easily let me go

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