I was twenty-two months old,
when I took my first leap of faith.
Out of my crib.
I broke my right tibia and fibula.
So for a while after that,
I ran and ran and ran,
circles around my parents and my baby brother,
dragging a heavy plaster cast behind me.

Dragging Mr. Bunny alongside me,
I darted quickly across my carpeted floor,
the hard, plastic children's game
with two dogs or some other amusing characters,
cunningly managed to escape my four-year-old-self's keen eyesight.
But so far, that has been the only time I broke my right wrist.
From that silly fall,
when I went down.

I went down to some strange,
out of the ordinary,
children's play resort or rather,
a parent's last resort,
when it is their daughter's seventh birthday
and she wants to have a blast.
I tied a shiny pair of roller skates onto my feet.
I couldn't wait for anyone else to tie their roller blades.
(I was wearing skates because my right leg
never really healed quite... right.)
So I held onto the wall as I rolled slowly onto the floor,
and within seconds I was down.
I am certain I heard the bone crack,
as I broke my left wrist for the first time.

The second time I broke my left wrist,
I was nine-years-old.
I was wearing these new sneakers,
with built-in wheels. Now, one would think,
I had learned my lesson the first time.
That wheels and I simply do not play well together.
So I began to cruise smoothly down an enormous hill.
Oh, look, there's a pebble!
I tumbled head over heels,
and would go on to break my left wrist a third time,
all thanks to wheels.

The third, and thus far, final time I broke my left wrist,
I was at a birthday party.
This time, it was not mine,
but we were roller skating.
I had previously learned to roller skate. Come on,
every thirteen-year-old can roller skate.
I was a pro.
A problem, obviously.
I was holding onto a friend's arm,
attempting to calm her teenage angst.
She was inconsolable, in her mind, anyway,
and as she shrugged me off,
I lost my balance,
landing on my left wrist once again.
Cringing as I heard the bone snap.

But my bones and I,
we have had quite the
healthy relationship lately.
So long as I stay away,
from things that break me.

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