Broke Down Angel

I'm finally shattered, broken in two.
How can I go on in a world without you?
How can I have faith and hope for the best?
When all I feel is emptiness within my chest.
How can I conquer my demons and face all my fears?
When I'm drowning alone in an ocean of tears.
How can I be brave and try to stay strong?
When I know in my heart that this is all wrong.
How can I get through a day without shame?
When I can't help but think that I am to blame.
How can I ease the pain within my soul?
When you're the half that made me whole.
How can I stop the shit that's in my mind?
When suicidal thoughts are all I find.
How can I mend the hurt that's in my heart?
When it's all my fault that we're apart.
How can I go on without turning cold?
When the devil in me tightens his hold.
How can I stop the fire that's burning inside?
When I have nothing left but wounded pride.
How can I go on when I have no hope?
I'm just a broke down angel trying to cope.

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