I was broken
Completely shattered
And all alone
I ruined every love I've ever known
Casted in the cold
With no place to call home
I ran until there was nowhere else to run
I hid until there was no one to hide from
I was broken
Completely shattered
And all alone
I held the world in my palm
I danced amongst the stars
And howled at the Moon
I jump to Heavens highs
And dove off the Cliffs of Doom
Until I was broken
Complete shattered
And all alone
Now I stand
A shattered man
With no place to call my own
Hoping death will not come
But if so
I don't know
If I can do it
All alone
I hope that God can heal my shattered soul
So maybe soon I can go
And dwell here no more
Cuz I don't want to be broken
Our shattered anymore
I'm afraid to die alone
So can you tell me
That it will be all fine
And I'll be alright
And it's time to come home
Cuz in your heart
I'm not broken
And all the pieces
Are back together
And they're ill never be alone
©Robert B Madole

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This Poems Story

I wrote this when I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer so I was completely. Alone and in a very dark pladay in my life.