Broken glass on the floor ware or pictures was now on the floor. The lies you told I heard all before. I was broken inside the pain I tried to hide everyone says let it go but they don't know how broken I am inside. It's easy to tell someone what they should do until the pain happens to you. It's okay to cry because you let it go don't let no one tell you oh" just let it go. Broken love, broken dream, broken home, broken vows, broken hope broken is just broken. Find a way to piece it together you can do it get it together. I know it hurts now but keep fighting day by day it will get better the next day it will seem better. Wash you face take the first step look in the mirror and tell yourself I' can do it i don't have to broken, i "don't have to be. step out there you doing it now look at you now" you not broken now. Broken is a thing of the past yes broken is a thing of the past.

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This poem is about being broken. How it hurts to even live life sometimes if you been hurt by someone or a bad brake up or lose of a job that you should have gotten. Hurt is hurt and sometimes you just feel broken. But there is life after the hurt and being broken.