She paces the floor as her breathing becomes ragged and nearly non-existent.
Her hands knot in her hair.
Her stomach turns back-flips and front-flips and barrel rolls.
Her pulse races.
Her throat tightens as it tries to keep her dinner down.
Her mind races.
You can’t do this.
This isn’t right. Everything is wrong.
You should be okay. Why aren’t you okay?
Why can’t you be okay? Why are you like this?

Suddenly her hands drop
Everything stops.
She turns back to the mirror.
She looks at her body subtly quivering.
Her arms wrap around her torso
Her hair is a greasy mess.
She wonders how it got this bad.
And then in that moment she is numb.
No tears fall but no smile comes either.
She stares at the face in the mirror and she doesn’t recognize this girl.
The girl in the reflection is broken
And I don’t know how to fix her…

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