Cant you see it?
Cant you see the pain in her eyes?
You broke her. You taught her that nothing she does, ever, will be good enough.
You broke her, you broke her heart, her smile, and her happiness.
You crushed her soul, she use to be the happiest girl you would meet but things changed.
You broke who she once was, you broke her emotionally, you destroyed her ability to trust, and neglected the heart she handed you. You mistreated her, and abandoned her.
The teardrops run down, and fall of her nose.
She cries in dark corners, where no one would go.
You can follow the tracks from her eyes, to her chin.
Days upon days, of letting them win.
And her eyes tell a story, of anger and pain. You think she's happy, but just looks again.
Her smile is now painted on.
She's a master of disguise, and you can see it all just look into her eyes.

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