Without communication I feel soulus.
The lies coming from his mouth fluently.
The hurt is tilting my throne.
Depression was my name.
The perfect smile they would see was a painful act.
I once felt high and mighty now I'm left alone.
The person I loved isn't someone I notice anymore.
The hatred cannot be found in me.
My love is still there.
The memories of your fingers touching my kinky hair.
You embracing me in your arms when my tears would sing.
Hearing your voice would ease my pain.
You tell me you love me is my favorite lullaby.
Hearing your peaceful lie puts me to sleep.
You picked at my pride until there was a different me.
Feelings of insecurity I never felt until you found me.
Losing sleep because of your selfish Needs.
Love was killing me slowly.
Love is poison.
Love is toxic.
Love is potent.

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