Rain splatters
On the window in the darkness
Disturbing any peace left behind
By hooligans that scream love
But wage war on my body & mind

Balled up from the world
Frozen with the fear that this is life
The life I'll live for the rest of my life
This painful existence consistenting of nothing but heartaches and heartbreaks
Go from hope to hopelessness
All while having my favorite track "Failure" on repeat with a capital F

Glass shattered
From the shots fired at my past, present, & future
From the shots fired at my confidence
From the shots fired at my dignity
Inhale, exhale, just breathe
From the shots that pierced my heart
If you had no intentions on treating me right
You should have left me right the fuck alone
To be in my darkness in peace
Sheltered away from the world
From the pain

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