A broken heart with no time to mend,
Ripped from my chest when will this end?
I've tried my best to make the bad the good.
Walk away is what I know I should.
The pain, the scars, the hurt down deep--
It's too much for me, I break down and weep.
How can this be, do I deserve
All this misery that I've been served?
I don't know how I've made it this far.
Please God help, help heal these scars.
I hit my knees and bow my head.
Some days I just wish that I was dead.
Give me strength and give me hope.
Send me a line, a saving rope.
I've been through hell and back again.
I beg for mercy please make this end.
I need your help an angel to send,
To make this broken heart start to mend.

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