I can't make my mind up on whether or not
people are store-bought and the world should rot.
Are the monsters inside of my head or are they under my bed?
My mind is in a dark place, I've become another lost case.
Congratulations, I want to die; I won't forget to say my goodbyes.
Is my sadness, happiness or is my happiness, sadness?
Have I lost my sanity or maybe everyone's lost their humanity?
I can't let you inside, I won't let you hurt me.
Let me go, I need to break free.
Use me, beat me, love me.
This is what I call a shopping spree.
I don't know what's real anymore, I'm such a bore.
Don't get close, metaphorically a rose.
So beautifully deadly, I'm what you call unsteady.
Emotionally disturbed, don't be concerned.
Insomiac daily, I guess this is what makes me lazy.
What do you call a broken girl?
A fallen angel holding a pearl.

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