Words can't describe
this pain I hold deep inside
I try to hold it together not to fall apart
to believe this isn't the end but a new start
I wipe my tears away
take a deep breath and tell myself I'm going to be okay
I'm picking up the shattered
pieces of my heart
that you took so willingly and shattered and broke apart
each piece has a memory so true
each piece has a part of you
I pick them up one by one
I look up at you with tear-filled
eyes and whisper "look at what you have done"
you bend down to try and help
I push you away and tell you I
need to do this myself
you left me alone on my knees
I held the pieces in my hand
begging God please
fix my heart make it whole again
no one knows just how broken I really am
I wonder sometimes if anyone
truly gives a damn
I'm on this journey alone
looking for a place me and my
kids can call home

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