Have you even fallen for someone you know you shouldn't,
Tried hard to fight your feelings, but they begin to worsen?
You've confided in one person, now the whole school knows
You're in love with your best friend, and the feelings won't go.
They confront you about feelings...
You hide in your shell, you try to lie.
Secretly, they all know you're dying inside.
Then the beauty of his smile lingers in your mind,
As you slam your locker door and begin to cry.
He finds you there sitting alone,
Begging you to tell him what's wrong.
You spit out the words, "I'm in love with you!"
He gets up and walks away.
He leaves you sitting there,
Wondering what you've done wrong.
With every passing second, your eyes are more red with tears.
He never says word to you the rest of the day,
While you compose yourself and keep the rest of the tears at bay.
The next day is February 14th, Valentine's day.
You pick up the phone, as he is on the other end.
His words are as ice:
"I hate you. Never-I never want to talk you ever again."
You feel your heart literally breaking as you listen to his words.
You cried so much that night, you had no more tears left.
For months and months, you stayed this way...
Though still loving him, every day.

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