Broken hearts, and candied scars
Acting sane, thinking we are
Filling voids, while making more
Cakes of layering, hiding the core
Cracked and mangled, thinking it's fine
Putting all your hopes, on reaching the divine
Falsehood that serving is helping yourself
And you'll be cared for by the fairies and elf
God may be there, and you may be too
But no one can tell you, how to see this thing through
Thinking it's out, that there's peace in your mind
That if you look deep within, you'll know what you'll find
But if you do, there's really no end
Perpetual vastness
On what part of you, do you depend?
Centuries of history
On the earth, in the sky
All rolled up in one, all bubbling inside
Individual energies, together combined
Universal energy, to this most are blind
We are but one, I'm you and you're me
We are but one, like branches of a tree
Then your pain is my pain
As mine is to you
Then perhaps saving others
Is saving you too

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