Broken and Shattered

There are broken pieces of me, I've left behind.
In people and places scattered all over the world.
In every person I've ever met truly passionately loved and respected.
My realization now-He's broken too.
He's left scattered piece's all over the world.
In those he's loved, respected even those for which he felt distain.
He's broken - shattered to which he can no longer be healed.
I blamed him for breaking me, in reality he was broken first.
He's tried and still tries desperately to break the cycle.
He loves me the best way he knows how. Broken and all.
This shattered man happens to be my favorite person.
This imperfect Man; he's always made me feel loved.
Made me feel important, always congratulated me on my successes.
Broken together is how we shall live and Love-Love most of all.

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