Broken Angel

Sitting in the doorway, seeing only strife
I have made the choices, what is wrong with life
Standing in the darkness, looking for the light
What was so wrong, you took away my flight
Put me in a shell, and said that it was me
Took away my choices, now I cannot see
Said that I was broken, and this was destiny
Took away my choices, how can this be free
Broken down being, for everyone can see
Broken down baby, no one here but me
Look into the light, and darkness you will find
Light and dark exist, but only in the mind
I was never broken, cause I was doing fine
You built this box for me, and then you said it's mine
Living in the darkness, took away my flight
Broken down angel, going to be all right
Unify the darkness, and there you'll see the light
Integrate the shadow, and you'll regain your flight
Broken down angel, hold your chin up high
Broken down angel, spread your wings and fly
They said that you were broken, but give no reason why
Just listen to your soul, and let the children cry
Broken down being, no one cares but me
Broken down angel, come and set me free
Broken Angel -- that's Me

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