Broken [August 07, 2015]

The world is broken
Filled with fear and regret
Everyone stands here choking
As the leaders demand respect

The government is broken
As they lay down law
They stand here like an omen
Of the death and demise to follow

Glass shatters, castles crumble
As the armies of vengeance pummel
The leaders hide before the struggle
Here they stand, Here they tremble

Trembling before the might of the people
As the leaders run from the trouble
They take away freedom and liberty
Like the devil, they chuckle
As people before them stumble

Broken and shattered, they stand strong
Fearless and Courageous, They still fight
Decaying and dying, they throw away their lives
In the name of their leaders, here they still die

The soldiers fight for honor and victory
As the leaders fill their goblets with misery
Their families bathe in the filth of subjugation
As the people stand under the power of oppression

The day will come, when judgement will come
When the people can once again stand strong
For the world is broken, filled with fear and regret
As the leaders stand here, demanding respect

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