Broken Beautiful

Broken Beautiful

She sings her songs if wisdom, her story she tells so great,
the divine purpose of his plan can help her smile again, broken beautiful.

She never understood her power, the will to make the demons flee,
she was trapped underneath a broken flowers, full of her own insecurities.

Her dreams seemed hopeless, and from her eye gates she could only see the hatred of this world,
and she was full of defeat broken beautiful.

She could never see the day nor the hour, so it all made her question her faith. She was Stuck between the things that wowed her, yet confused about her inner power broken beautiful.

Still trying to figure out a mystery, but didn't realize that God gave her the Victory! broken Beautiful

She's trapped behind the words " I Love You " yet can't face her own reality.
Trying to soar high but a two inch sky was all she could go by Broken Beautiful

Yes she was beautiful, but inside she was broken. Trying to water dead seeds but her roots were contaminated, until she learn to value who she really is, she'll forever be a broken flower yet beautiful in this world of sin.

They call her Broken Beautiful, but I see her wounds healed.

By: Eddwina Ward

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