Broken Blood Pumper

Love is an illusion
Components joy and confusion
It starts with a smile
Can last for a while

The standard plan
You take up her hand
You pull her in near
Intentions made clear

Our hearts intertwined
Emotions combined
She seethes with desire
Our passions on fire

He smooches her neck
Unacceptable a peck
Hands move down her hips
The two compress lips

He takes her to house
Removes her fair blouse
He lies her to rest
Her bosom caressed

Her demeanor so placid
He’s anything but flaccid
He enters her rose
Swells, wet, hot it grows

Solidarity strengthened
Phone calls night and day
Our solitude weakened
She can’t stay away

She gives you no crap
Around finger she’s wrapped
His gift, love, protection
Her tribute, affection

Our emotions unsever
Love sure lasts forever
Luminously it gleams
Or so it did seem

Our hearts grow apart
Insidiously it starts
Tastiness turns bland
A treat mired in sand

Initial romance potential
Now quarrels and fights
Her disdain exponential
Devoid of contrite

Once drunken with carnality
Both partners now sober
Relationship finality
It’s practically over

Our time spent separated
Her friends curse his name
Companionship perforated
But who is to blame?

Your devotion was secure
Your past touch never hurt
Your love seemed so sure
Now commensurate with dirt

Conviviality lysis
Open heartedness splices
Pain and tears replete
Destroyed illusion complete

She calls you to talk
You knew it was coming
The two of you walk
Her words won’t be stunning

Her words pierce your chest
Nothing less than pure treason
She rips up fragile heart
Preposterous her reason

A peck on the cheek
Sincere or mere token?
But what does it matter?
Your Blood Pumper’s broken

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