Broken Boys

Broken boys with broken hearts
Conceived immorally condemned it starts
A search for love to soothe their parts
They yearn for women of curvy arts

Time leaps and summer's heat wastes away the day
And unspoken thoughts are never to stay
But now a new game arises to play
Death and despair your fears they will slay

"Hush, hush my love." It whispers to them
"Come away with me a new life we will stem."

But all the voices are no more than a trick
Their chemical brains will never reach their full click

But hush yes, and furthermore the voices grow louder
And tells them "D*mn straight,inhale that powder."

So it brings them atop to all their new highs
And when they fall it will help them arise
Now their mind and their soul eventually all dies
For the further they sink, no longer their cries

And for what of their life there is nothing to show
Every rush of that beat brings about their new low
And so round their new crimson, tie a pretty little bow
So people will not stop, but instead they will go
Now down that clear liquid, through their throat it will flow
And put the gun to their head and their minds it will blow
Never again will the puddle of their spilled memories glow

But, shhh, do you hear that? The voice in no louder
Now only in the ground the souls they do crowder
But to him and few fellows there are none of the prouder

But hush you see, the beauty of his destruction
Went far beyond that of his youthful corruption
But young in the womb began his disruption
When she pierced her vein with that morphine eruption

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