Broken Butterfly

I was nothing but a cocoon,Till the day I found you,
Love at first sight,Was nothing i ever believed,
Until I met you I had never felt so free,
I was a cocoon now a butterfly,
How can just one look change my life,
Then the day came,Your feelings for me changed,
Leaving me a broken butterfly,With no wings to fly,
Tears filling my eyes,
Asking myself,Where did I go wrong?I don,t understand why,

I will never fly again,My wings are broken,
I don't why your gone,With no goodbye ever spoken,
How can I go on?This heartache is so much,
I always thought,That love was enough,

This broken butterfly,Will never fly again,
I lost my soul mate,My very best friend,
Fly away my sweet love,I wish you love everlasting,
My search is finished forever,
My soul went down crashing,
My wings are now broken forever,
Unless God answers my prayers,
Then we can fly away together!

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