Broken Cages

You wrote love in the sky, hanging, dripping with blood.

You sent thunder and lightning, rain poured in a flood

To break down my cages and wash away sin’s mud.

Your Satan-crushing death sent my bars shattering,

And you stand in their breach, open hands beckoning;

Yet I shrink to the corner, in filth huddling.

Your voice whispers gently, but I block up my ears.

Refusing to listen and replying through tears:

“It’s not fair, I’m worthless, I deserve to be here!”

“But I love you, made you, you were worth it to me.”

‘Mazed, I look up, is there a possibility

That I could be cleansed, that I could ever be free?

“I’d go with you, stay beside you, be where you are.

Yet know if I stumble, that I’d crawl away far,

Back to my self-‘flicted cages, back to these bars.”

“I know, but I will come, and I’ll follow you in.

I’ll embrace you, hold tight, and rescue you again.

For you’re my own sheep, and my love ‘whelms any sin.”

And so I will follow him, place my hand in his;

My hand in my lover’s, full of the joy he gives.

Behind are broke-down cages; now with him, I live.

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This Poems Story

This is my personal story. A story of freedom offered, but guilt keeping my from accepting it, turning my imprisonment into my own. It's the story of a love not based on myself, a love stronger than my brokenness. The story of a love that never has given up on me.