Broken Chains Of The Heart

Love is how it will always be very hard
You hope you made a good and plucked the righ card
The heart is pure and gentle
But finding your true love is like paper to pencil
It hits you like a ton of bricks
Or like a computer that doesn't have a glitch
When the chains are broke in the heart
Its hard to live everyday not knowing which way to start
But god is my witness love is a giant
A sea of happiness and sadness
Chains are ment to be broken
Only the love of my soul mate would be a great token
Yes indeed I know if I could see her I would shed a tear
So that the the aura of her I would have no fear
I really miss my soulmate from the 314
The day we get married we will gain entry to the love store
Chains could be fix with the glue of love
Only thing that would soothe my pain from the stars above
Broken Chains can be fixed at anytime
I would trade anything in the world just to have back this time

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