Broken Down

When you say you love him,
And he says he loves you back,
Your heart starts skipping beats and breaks the rhythm,
Your whole world changes but his,
You start to wonder why he is acting strange,
So you follow him,
But it was too late,
You find yourself watching your whole world fall apart,
Your heart starts to break piece by piece until it is in a million pieces,
You see him kissing this girl,
Embracing her like he hasn't embraced anyone before,
You look at him at his face and you start to cry,
You saw a huge smile on his face,
You turn around and start to run,
It didn't matter where you were running to,
You just kept on running.

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This Poems Story

This is about those girls that get cheated on and don't know what they should do when they catch there spouse cheating on them.