Broken Girl

She can get what she wants with a bat of her eyelashes but its now harder to see behind that glossy stare, You wonder if that little girl you use to know was even still in there. Look into her heart and listen to the song it now sings, Her free spirit is now chained for its not that easy to fly with broken wings. Beautiful isn't she?? Not so pure anymore at least not how she used to be. Her smile could chase the bad away but considering its not real her smile never stays. Walking step by step you'd think shes okay but what you don't realize is shes hurting day by day. What ever happened to chasing shadows in the sunset on the block? What about the pink and blue hearts and butterflies made from chalk on summer sidewalks? Those memories only now fade away like echoing ghosts stuck in the past of yesterday. No one wants to be put to blame of why her soul was put to chains, all her childhood burnt to flames and why she called for rescue and nobody came. She wanted you to see how free a heart could really be but how could it be free when its been destroyed constantly? You had her bent to her knees waiting for all the darkness to flee and leave her once again whole, happy and free. unfortunately just between you and me she never really healed completely. She became numb to the pain as it ate away at her brain and left her completely insane all because of your stupid little games. Shes now more risky then she used to be, fell in love with the whiskey along side with the nicotine as its become an addicting routine. Once she was almost perfect up and down and in between. Not a flaw on that porcelain face, not much has changed just her smiles been replaced. Shes balled up on the floor crying once more, she pounds her fist to the ground but still not making a sound. Shes suffocating, she cant breathe and all she wants to do is leave. Shes trapped in world of hurt and hate and she wants out but unfortunately its too late. The damage is done and she can no longer run because the monsters have finally won. She slowly disappears and melts away with nothing left of the little girl from yesterday.

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