Broken Glass

The minute I stepped outside, it’s unexpected
You expect a great day
I put my feet inside the car my body following
I reach out with a hug for my own comfort,
hugging him was like a warm blue blanket
Realizing what will happen
I turn my head to look at his freckle on the side of his face.

One by one as we past the traffic lights
That feel of sickness through my body
But I tried to make it okay,
as each point of thought runs around in my head
Looking at him, smiling so he thinks everything is fine.
The movement of the car stopping,
my heart dropped.

He looks at me, smiles, wanting one thing
Stares in my eyes, trying to make me feel special
It didn’t work
The feeling of chills running down my body, not knowing what was expected
I look at his blue jacket, at every detail
That was the focus, I needed a distraction.

I couldn’t move,
He knew that
I was in shock
Counting every rain droplet as if it were time
My thoughts ran
The expectations of what will happen next was like a blank screen
“I am dropping you off, correct?” please I say.

Water running down from head to toe,
Knowing the new
Goodbye to you,
Now I know the real broken glass
I had felt the violation, the disrespect
Why did this happen, as if I were a doll

Walking, entering, sitting down
I look into her eyes
She can see the broken glass
Asking me why did the glass break
It shattered, I say.
But I can fix it.

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