Broken Gymnastics

Grade 4 | Age 10 | 04/17/16

I jump, I trip, then stumble, this is such a feat,
I really need to nail this act by May 19th!

You probably don’t understand, let me explain,
I have to do a competition, but I am in pain!

Let us go back to that April 12th morning,
It all happened so quickly, it happened without warning.

First I got up, brushing my teeth, you see I have glasses, so I couldn’t really see.
I took my time that day, for I was in my dream world,
So then my mom reminded me it soon was time for school!

I ran to the bus, as fast as I could,
It was starting to leave so I jumped on holding the hook!

I didn’t even realize, that I’d forgot my glasses,
So I didn’t even notice that the hook would fall on the grasses!

You could probably guess what happened after that,
Now I have a broken arm, but I guess I can work with that!

I worked on my routine, with all my free time,
So even though the competition is tomorrow, I will still do fine!

Wait I have a phone call, and what do they say,
“I’m sorry we missed you at the competition yesterday!”

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