Broken Heart

My heart is torn and all I can do is cry.
trying to have an understanding of what I did wrong
for you to hate me so
I really do not know
I see the love we once shared is gone
I do not want to believe that is true
Somewhere deep down I honestly still love you
I can not bare the hurt or the pain anymore
You became so different
Now all I want to see you do is walkout that door.
It will hurt to see you leave
obviously here is not where you want to be
you know I can not force you to love me if you don't
To me what I truly feel for you is not a joke.
The pain is real as the love is too
your to stupid to realize I am the only one who been there for you.
If you want to stay you better treat me better
If not then it was a waste of 5 long years together.
I thought what we had was real but I guess it was all pretend
You act like you wanted me to be your girlfriend
In reality all we were doing was playing house
Hey was it love and commitment you wanted from me
I showed you that.
It seem like your lying to yourself
Be honest did you ever love me or want me back?

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