Broken Heart, Hurting Soul

I can't believe you hurt me so
You came and took every piece of my soul
I never thought it would be so true
Until I started to cry and be so blue
When you left, I thought you cared
But I guess you didn't because you weren't prepared
That day, you just ran away from me
Like a squirrel in a big tree
But I knew right then you wouldn't stay
Because you didn't even care to be there
In my life to bring me so much joy
But you played me like a hell of a toy
The dream of you and me as one
Never that simple to be in love
Trying to pick up my shattered heart
You lied to me from the start
But I guess that's not since you packed your bags to leave
I know I acted stupid by trying to force you to be in love with me
But my love wouldn't stay
You wouldn't stay, because you were still packing your bags
I tried to beg you, please don't go away from me
But you said no, no; not this time, I'm leaving you
You broke my heart in two when you said you will always love me
That's when I realized I can't replace the love between you and me
Now I sit in my room with a broken heart and a hurting soul

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