Broken Heart

Mend the pieces of my broken heart

I've loved you right from the start

Only you can pull me from this darkness

No one but you I want in my circumference

You are my life my never ending circle

I am the pieces and you are the glue

With you in my corner my faith is renewed

I came to you in piece and you left me whole

I feel so empty so cold and alone

This is an action I can't condone

I love you to much that's me breathing over the telephone

Just to hear your voice is a small token I ask

My heart is breaking as a piece of fragile glass

You are my rock and my fortress

The day you left my side all hope was lost

Ill get you back whatever the cost

I love you so much the pain is to much to bear

I feel like I'm on a tightrope on a single long strain of hair

I'll always love you and that will never change

I'm sure all this must sound a little strange

But then again that's why it's called love

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