Broken Hearted

I don't it how can u break someone's heart and not even care
It's getting to hard to bare Why did u do this to me
U look at me and see nothing I look at you and miss everything about you
You laugh i cry you smile i die You just forgot me and moved on
It's like i was never even there like i'm completely gone You call me names and hurt me
I just wish i never met you I bet you dont miss me too
I don't know why i still love you You use to call me boo
I remember every single word you said to me It hurts to know it all was a lie why oh why
I just wish i could disappear
I'm sorry for ever meeting you We use to be the perfect two
It was just me and you forever Looks like forever in your world
Is not even a few months You promised me and you lied to me
I gave you the key to my heart But i guess that isn’t enough
People say i don't know what love is but i do That's what i really felt for you
But none of that matters You just says words and don’t mean them
I give you my heart and mean everything i say And what do i get in return
A broken heart i guess that's what i deserve You hurt me and broke me
You just won't look at me long enough to see That sparkle you saw is no longer there
I cry for the time that you were almost mine, i cry for the memories you left behind
I cry for the pain the lost, the old, the new, i cry for the times i thought i had you
I'm alone, thinking of you, i sat, recalling that smile, that chat
Nothing but you, i need, my heart, my eyes, all bleed
No words describe how i feel. No heart can bear it, flesh or steel.
Please dont tell me not to cry please don't say there was a reason why
You don't know what i am feeling or how much i hurt
I dream about you every night and wake up to remember that we will never have it
Again i swear that feeling is worse than dying. It was stupid for me to believe
That i ever meant anything to you. I tattooed your name on my heart
But you just used pen to write mine on yours and everyday since when it faded
More and more now it's completely gone i was temporary to you but to me you are permanent
Never again will i let someone in they just trash it
Our shattered love lies in pieces on the floor i see the reflection of our memories
Scattered among shards of broken promises
Maybe the day you decided you didn't want me anymore was the day i stopped
Being a whole person and the day i stop bring you up in conversations is the day
The fragments of you have come out from under my skin because your goodbye hurt
Worse than the handfuls of broken glass i think it's funny you broke my heart but i still care about u so much you made me feel like i was on top of the world but one day i fell and i guess my
Parachute was like your feelings for me because it wasn't there.
Butterflies died in my stomach and the roses wilted too it seems that nothing is
Beautiful anymore not even you
Dead i slowly die inside from all the times i've cried (i've cried for you)
You look at me with your beautiful eyes you look right through me like i was never alive
I am invisible i always will be too you for some reason i knew i would always be like
This to you i wish you were missin me like i'm missin you but no matter what i do
I am always dead to you i waited and waited for minutes for hours for days
But all i had was silence and with the absence of your words, i took it as an answer.
You left me cold and alone freezing to death by the absence of your warm heart
And while you carry on i continue to waste away silently and alone i shiver and cry
My tears frozen over my breaths ragged and my heartbeat slow
From missing you but you don't care do you?
You never cared it was always just me and forever me it shall be

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