Broken Hearts

Hearts have been broken,
Mistakes have been made,
The strange connection that we had,
It's all starting to fade,

I put my ego above my feelings,
And it cost me your trust,
Now I can't undo my mistakes,
But I will say the things that I must,

Mistakes don't define who you are,
What matters is what you do after making one,
You might be thinking that the,
Beginning of the end of this has begun,

But I can assure that you and I,
Are far, far away from over,
I will do whatever it takes,
For things to get better,

I tried to put myself in your shoes,
And I finally understood everything,
How hard it must've been to go through that,
And how you might be feeling,

I don't expect you to forgive me,
But I can't accept losing you,
Everything I have told you,
All of it is completely true,

I have never lied to you,
And I promise that I never will,
Without you, there will be a gap in my life,
One that no one will ever be able to fill,

I can't explain how much you mean to me,
I'll run out of words and time if I try,
Believe me when I say that,
The last thing I want is for you to cry,

You always made me feel special,
And I always tried to do the same for you,
And I might not be perfect but,
I try my best, I really do,

We both felt something for each other,
I'm sure it was worth something,
Because it was special for both of us,
And not just another random fling,

Maybe I don't deserve a second chance,
Maybe I don't deserve someone like you,
But that won't stop me from trying,
Because even I am stubborn like you,

Even the thought of you crying,
Is like a scary nightmare,
You might believe that all hope is lost,
But I will find a way I swear,

Every problem has a solution,
Every journey has a destiny,
So if you have any feelings left for me,
Just try and forgive me,

Tell me, is this what you really want,
Will this make you happy,
All I know is that I want us to be,
What we were meant to be.

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