Broken Hope

I can't change what I said I wouldn't even if I could
You said some shitty things too
I Wish we could change all the ways
We fight and cry screaming at the top of our lungs
I want you to know that I never did
Any of those things you think I did
I'm sorry there's a hole in your heart that I can not mend
I wish I could fix this busted head
And all these broken bones
But it's too late for that
You tell me you have to go, you have to get away
To find something that you don't even know
You keep thinking I'm lying with every word I say
Why can't you believe the words I say
You know all about everything I've done before
All the lies that I told all the nights I was gone
I came clean a long time ago
But you can't accept the truths it’s not what you know
I haven't lied any more to you, your the one not answering
Any of my calls tonight not even one
You just said I'm fucking up your good time
With you I do not know, who's taking up your time
I hope you know how wrong you know your right
Before you go and do something you'll regret tonight
It doesn't matter what we say my hearts been broke from years long ado
When you lied to me so long, that's what hurt the most you don t even know

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This Poems Story

The feeling of inevitable failure in a relationship.