Broken Hourglass

Lookin through those diamond eyes
A prism of personalities stands before you
you can't tell what me you're lookin' through

I don't know anymore what I've become
Memories of you revolve around my head
As the vicious hands of time haunt all that I am left
It's more than my heart breaking
I can feel my soul drowning
Stuck in this broken hourglass
Slowly pouring over me
Slowly suffocating
How long will this pain last?
The sun has come and gone so many times
And I only have myself to blame
While the hours of hurt have turned to days
Through the cracks in the glass
I can feel a breath of air
As if you were watching as I'm dying there
In this hole all time stands still
Clogging each grain as it tries to flow
I find myself stuck in a memory
I can't seem to let go

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