Broken in the Head

No real people
Just my brain killing my heart
Just my soul getting ripped apart while I laugh it off
I am a speck of dust in this universe crumbling apart
Not depressed, not sad just broken in the head
None of my thoughts come out the same
Nobody cares anyway
No one knows me, who I am crying to sleep
Holding back tears knowing it is true,
Trust me I do not know me better than you
I do know I am not depressed, just broken in the head
Drowning in thoughts while getting yelled at to swim
Avoiding mirrors afraid that I do not exist
Living in a world where I get judged for being me
Waiting for days to be over so I have to do it again
How will I escape this empty soul pooled with thoughts?
I am not depressed, not dead, just broken in the head
Who even am I?
The real question to ask me
Life goes on, but I still struggle
The person writing this crying knows their own truth,
They are a lost soul and a lost cause to live
A lost speck in this dying universe we call life

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