Broken Into Many Pieces

She starved herself of youth
With so many days spent locked away
The sun will never shine
Upon her miserable ashen face
Why is she doing this?
When next will she eat?
Her bones beneath the cold veil of flesh hunger for meat
She will transcend from this alter of air
Only pleased once she starts shedding hair
Too indolent to pick up a knife
Eternal Ramadan
She'll starve in the afterlife
She had given up religion
God is too inferior
He hath given her this image
To spit at in the mirror
Her visage
A grimace
You're the one who fucked her up
You broke her into so many frail pieces
To never be put back together
She's used to being broken
Herself that she now hates
Her fragments drift apart like evershifting tectonic plates

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