Broken King

What happened??
What happened when it was good to be different
I feel people fall in line the fear of different is almost instant
I keep hiding these thoughts to myself
Screaming inside the old me
You want up on a shelf
I could never help it
now I have to hide my music
This is me they keep bashing
I promised I'd try not and loose it
Because myself is happy and full of pride
I look for the little things when you break down and fly
That's just me please stop holding me down
Because your not like me don't be afraid
I will let you believe you hold the crown
You birthed a king but held um to the ground
these mistakes I've made
Trying to please you I've lost myself
Like being held under water I got no help
It's so sad I never could tell you
I wish you could accept me for me
I'm so sorry to fail you
But people will love me
and I won't need you no more
And these wings will spread and your baby boy will soar

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