Broken Life

He lies awake but in a dream he hides from all what isn't seen
In the night he cannot sleep he feels pain of suffering
The people cannot hear him scream
A story of a broken life

He stands alone but in the dark His hopes and dreams they seem so far
He hears the voices no telling whose they are
He looks up high into the stars
welcome to his broken life

He looks way up into the sky in his mind he wonders why
He begins to notice all the lies
See the tears that fill his eyes
They say he has a broken life

He cannot run he cannot hide when he does he dies inside
Feel the pain he feels inside hear the sadness when he cries
No one know's
This is a broken life

Some people come some people go
Who will stay he doesn't know
His memories they slowly fade All his love has gone away
You cannot fix his broken life

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