Broken Love

To never kiss your lips of wine;
and hear your heart beat next to mine;
causes pain I have not known;
myself to blame, I confess to own;

Broken love, and trust goes too;
our lives were tested, tried and true;
we did not seem to have a chance;
with all the worries, family hindered romance;

I think of my sorrow, as stepping stones;
meant for growth;
for when a sparrow falls, our creator keeps count;
greater, still, are we, in his arms safe and sound;

I know we had purpose, in a small window of time;
to impact one another, our loss, likened as crime;
for we had plans wherever the stars would take us;
in reflection, perhaps it was lust;

My heart feels a void, where love once made it full;
closed off to the world, as to not be a fool;
inside, I am whole, for life moves along;
time waits for no one, yet it feels horribly wrong;

I know I still want you, the memories are there;
and I wish I could show you, how much I still care;
if for a moment, I would not let you go;
broken love, great sorrow, and great woe.

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